Monday, September 29, 2008

Productive Weekend?

Well, I guess I can' t say that this weekend was totally productive, I know that there is alot more that we could have gotten done. Tory and I did however get caught up on most of the laundry. Yay for him, he took the initiative to get us going on it. It feels good to be caught up, or almost caught up, but I just know that within a couple of days we will be drowning in clothes again. Guess that comes with the territory when you have kids.

Carter had a game on Saturday morning. He has been doing so good lately. He pulled two flags this time. He gets excited everytime he pulls a flag because Tory told him that he would pay him a quarter for each flag that he pulls. Jordan had a bye week this week, so no football update for him.

I worked on my digital scrapbooking again this weekend. I got 4 layouts done! Yay!! I have started to go back and scrap some older pictures. One of my layouts was of Carter and his friend Chloe at the pumpkin patch last year and another was when Jordan got his new bike after learning to ride without training wheels. I am trying to do more pages of the older two boys since at first I was basically concentrating on Avery. Jordan and Carter love to see what I come up with and always ask me to do another one of them next.

Here are the 4 layouts that I got done this weekend:

Jordan's first day of 4th grade:

Jordan's new bike after learning to ride without training wheels:

Carter and Chloe at the Pumpkin Patch last year:

Carter and Avery (I love this picture and the quote that is on the page reads "Time Stands Still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.")


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