Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random Update

Wow, I set this blog up a week ago and haven't had a chance to really get any content on it. So this post will be more of a catch up post.

You may have noticed that I added a slide show on the side panel with my scrapbook pages. I have really gotten into digital scrapbooking lately, and with the purchase of my new laptop(yay!!!) I can get my pages done alot faster since I am not waiting for the computer to try and process what I am doing. In fact, I finished up my 20th page last night just in time to take advantage of the free photobook that I had through Shutterfly. The book is really more of a test to see how my layouts print as I didn't have enough layouts done to actually make a book that would make sense. But the book was free, so I'm not out anything.

Okay, on to the boys - they are all getting so big. Avery amazes me everyday with the new stuff that he can do. His 6 month check-up was on Sept. 8th and he weighed 18 lbs (50th percentile) and was 28 inches long (90th percentile.) He has two little teeth on the bottom that showed up right on his 6 month birthday and is rolling over more and more each day. His latest and greatest accomplishment: sitting. I wouldn't trust him to leave him sit alone somewhere but he is starting to get pretty good at it. The official date that will be recorded in his baby book for sitting is Sept. 19.

Jordan and Carter are ornery as usual. I don't think a day goes by that they aren't at each others throats but it one of them is gone, the other is just lost. Both of them are involved in Football and have games on Sat. mornings. Carter is in flag football and pulled his first flag during his Sept. 13th game. I was rather sad that I didn't get to see it as it was a rainy day and I stayed home with Avery. He made up for it by getting 3 flags at his game last week. Jordan has started tackle football this year. I can't believe my baby is old enough for that already. I think that he was a little apprehensive at first about it, not quite knowing what it was like to tackle and be tackled but his is starting to get into it more and more.

Then there is Tory and I, just trying to keep up with life with 3 boys. It definitely is keeping us on our toes.

Whoa! That got long. I'll try and get on later and post some pictures that I took of the boys at their games last Sat.


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