Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Teeth!

We have more teeth! Avery popped out his two upper teeth this weekend. Now he has a total of 4, two on top and two on bottom. Funny thing is, even though the top two are just little nubs, he has already begun to grind his teeth. I suppose it is something new for him, but it gives me goose bumps (as in "nails on a chalkboard" goose bumps) when I hear him doing it.

Jordan and Carter both had football games on Saturday morning. Ironically, both of their games ended up in a tie. Carter played against the Ripon team, which we heard has never had a touchdown scored on them yet this year. Well, we scored 3!!! The boys were so excited because even though they technically do not keep track of wins/losses, we hadn't "won" a game yet this year, so a tie was big stuff.

The boys also picked out their Halloween costumes this weekend. We decided we had better get it done before there was nothing left. Carter is going to be Batman and Jordan is Darth Vader. We even got Avery a little costume, he is going to be a sock monkey. Hopefully he doesn't grow too much in the next 3 weeks because the costume is not any too big on him.

That is pretty much our update for the week. Back to the grind tomorrow with work and school...


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