Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shots All Around!

Yesterday we had doctor appointments for Jordan and Carter, just check-ups, nothing exciting. Everything went well. I had many things that I wanted to ask the doctor about, lots of it having to do with Jordan and his seasonal allergies. His eyes get so itchy and he rubs them so much that the skin around his eyes looks terrible. It looks like he is tired all the time. Well, I ended up walking out with a bunch of prescriptions (okay only 3) and a couple of other over-the-counter things to pick-up.

The boys were pretty goofy the whole time. They had to get undressed down to their undies and the doctor had to check "their parts" so that was funny to them as they watched each other get checked over by the doctor. They even thought that they needed to show off and make "armpit farts." The whole time I was thinking that maybe I should have made their appointments for different days.

The boys were pretty much caught up on their shots; Jordan only needed a chicken pox booster. Then I had them all (including Avery) get the flu shot. Hence the title “shots all around” (so creative, aren’t I?)

Needless to say, the boys are not very fond of getting shots, who really is? Jordan went first, and did pretty well. He looked like he wanted to cry, but really only let out a little wince when the needle went in. It was, however, that wince that made Carter freak out. He curled up on the chair and started crying while saying “I don’t want a shot! I don’t want a shot!” It was a little funny, yet I felt so bad that he had to get it. I had to forcefully carry him over to the table and the nurse and I had to hold him down, while he is trying to kick loose, so that she could give him the shot. After all was said and done, Carter says “It wasn’t that bad.” All I can do is laugh.

Good thing flu shots only come around once a year. We took the boys for ice cream last night for being so brave.


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