Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday lived up to it's reputation today!

Ugh! It's Monday and you could sure tell with the kind of day that I had.

Worst thing that happened today - I dented the right corner of the front bumper on the van. When taking Carter to his baseball practice tonight, I parked by a lightpole in the school parking lot. Except, this was no ordinary light pole. In fact, it really wasn't a light pole at all, instead just the concrete bottom to the light pole with no pole and no light. I knew it was there, I saw it when I parked. But after an hour of dealing with a crabby 2 year old at the practice and having to carry him(kicking and screaming), two chairs, two umbrellas, a sippy cup and my purse back to the van, I forgot it was there. And it could not be seen from the drivers seat.

So I get everything situated in the van, get in the drivers seat, take a deep breath as to not lose my cool with the still screaming two year old in the back seat, look ahead and see no cars in the parking space across from me so one would assume that it is safe to drive forward rather than back out of the parking space, right? I put the car in drive, step on the gas and was abruptly stopped. Now remember, I couldn't see the concrete light post that must have been stopping me. I put the car in reverse and back up just a tad. Okay, reverse works. I put the car in drive and was abruptly stopped again. What the heck? Is there something wrong with my transmission?

Before, I could back up and run into the light post again, someone flagged me down and politely pointed out that I hit something. What? There is nothing there. What could I have hit?

I get out of the car and sure enough, there was that stupid concrete light post, with no light pole and no light.

Then I remembered seeing it when I parked there.

Then I felt really stupid.

I laughed, but I wanted to cry. No major damage done, just a dent in the plastic bumper and a bad ending to my already hectic Monday.

Hence, my project 365 photo for today:

 Day 172: June 21, 2010

Okay - I am going to bed and ending this Monday for good! Nothing bad can happen while I'm asleep, right?


  1. No! Melissa - that's like saying, "How hard can it be?" LOL I'm sorry about the van..but glad you're okay!

  2. Oh wow that sucks! My mum and I had the same problem when we hired out a van to move her stuff to the new rental home. We were trying to back into the driveway and were abruptly stopped. I looked out my mirror and couldn't see anything so mum put it in reverse and tried backing in again, faster. CRASH! Though you couldn't see it in the mirror... the roof guttering hung out like 40 cm past the side of the house... I felt so bad for not seeing it, we'd completely rearranged the guttering on that side of the house!

    Luckily the owners of the house didn't mind too much as far as I know. But yes, totally feel ya. Glad that day is over huh? Tomorrow is bound to be better!

  3. OH No! Thats something that would happen to me, only I really would have cried!

  4. Oh no! I just hate when I do things like that! We can only juggle so many things at once. Give yourself a hug!

  5. So sorry! Just the straw that broke the camel's back! Hopefully you week can only get better and better!